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Zach LoPresti

01 Dec 2016

Zach LoPresti is a 28 year old multi-instrumentalist, composer, instructor, and producer from the Philadelphia area. Over the last decade, Zach has become an integral member of the music community, performing with original bands Out of the Beardspace, Gnarbot, Hungry Ghost, and Nik Greeley & The Operators. He also created the dynamic performance based music school "Zachademy of Music", and co-founded the incredibly popular annual music & arts festival, Beardfest.

Zach's reputation and talent has brought him to the forefront of the progressive/jazz/jam scene, collaborating and performing with prominent artists such as Julie Slick (Adrian Belew Power Trio), Eli Winderman (Dopapod), Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa/Steve Vai/Joe Satriani), Jon Anderson (Yes), John Medeski & Billy Martin (Medeski, Martin & Wood), MonoNeon (Prince, Ghost-Note), Nate Werth (Snarky Puppy, Ghost-Note), Mike Greenfield (Lotus), and Chris Bullock (Snarky Puppy). Zach has become one of the most respected and active musicians in Philadelphia. 

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