Brad Gillis

Floyd Rose Non-Fine Tuner

Brad Gillis is best known for his guitar playing in the chart-topping band NIGHT RANGER. Since Night Ranger's first release in 1983, Brad's mastery of the strings and whammy bar have helped lead this rocking AOR band to the top of the charts with multi-platinum records and sales reaching over 17 million around the world. Brad has close to twenty gold and platinum albums to his name. Having appeared in over a dozen MTV and VH1 music videos, TV's AMERICAN BANDSTAND, SOLID GOLD, ROCK & ROLL TONIGHT and thousands of live concerts, Brad is one of the few guitar icons of our time that can undoubtedly be recognized by both his aggressively unique tremolo guitar sound. His first solo album GILROCK RANCH produced the top twenty AOR single, "Honest to God," co-written and sung by the legendary Gregg Allman.

Gillis' guitar history began long before the break-through of NIGHT RANGER. Receiving his first guitar at 8 years old, he started his first band called THE INVADERS at the age of 10. When turning nineteen, Brad joined the San Francisco based funk-rock band RUBICON after auditioning over numerous Bay area guitar veterans. Together they recorded two albums, Rubicon and American Dreams, with 20th Century Fox Records. When Rubicon disbanded, Brad and two other band members, Jack Blades and Kelly Keagy, went on to form a hard rock band with the short-lived name Stereo. When the other half of the guitar duo, Jeff Watson, and keyboardist Alan "Fitz" Fitzgerald joined the ranks, Night Ranger was born. After the unfortunate death of legendary guitarist Randy Rhoades, heavy metal icon OZZY OSBOURNE recognized the talent in Brad and asked him to supplant Randy on his ongoing tour. For the next year, Brad toured the world with Ozzy supporting the DIARY OF A MADMAN tour and can be heard playing lead guitar on Osbourne's SPEAK OF THE DEVIL live album. When Night Ranger was offered a record deal with Boardwalk records, Gillis had the difficult task of choosing one path over the other. Luckily, for music fans everywhere, Night Ranger was releasing hit after hit and touring the world. Over the next 2 decades Gillis wrote, recorded and toured with Night Ranger, contributing to such hits as "Don't Tell Me You Love Me," "Sister Christian," "When You Close Your Eyes," and "(You Can Still) Rock in America," just to name a few.After years of being one of the top grossing touring bands of the '80s, the members of Night Ranger are still touring the world with a hefty schedule in 2011.

Currently touring the Summer,Fall of 2011with Journey and Foreigner, Night Ranger is rocking the US with a 3 month, 60 show tour ....Yearly performances in Japan have spawned many LIVE IN JAPAN CD's. Night Rangers Hit Song "(You Can Still) Rock In America" has been picked up for the hit game GUITAR HERO. Brad's musical side projects include songs for ESPN, Sports Center, The X Games, Fox Sports, Tiger Woods Sony Playstation Games, EA Sports,The Fuse Channel and many others. Soundtracks by Brad and Night Ranger hits can be heard in dozens of movies and TV shows. Brad's music can currently be heard on Monday Night Football (2009,2010) and other TV Networks. Brad is an avid vintage guitar collector and has been featured in Guitar Player, Vintage Guitar and Guitar World Magazines..... Night Ranger's latest 2011 release "SOMEWHERE IN CALIFORNIA" brings back the 'Original Night Ranger Sound' that fans grew up to love.........