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Lloyd Wallace

01 Dec 2016

Lloyd Wallace a.k.a " Dr.Scary " is a Michigan based guitarist who has a reputation of being one of the most intense and over the top shredders in the area. For the past 30 years, Lloyd has been playing in various bands all over the Midwest, most recently with his solo band "Dr.Scary, HairMania, Black Sea Burial, and is currently working on his 2nd solo CD. One of his previous projects, Slap Maggy, released the original CD titled “Damage". He also has his own instrumental CD, "Fingers of Flight". Over his career Lloyd has traveled extensively throughout the United States and surrounding territories. He has had the privilege of opening for national acts such as: Michael Angelo Batio, Dennis DeYoung of STYX, Jack Russell's Great White, Skid Row, The Bullet Boys, Mr. Big, Sponge, Filter, and many more. Lloyd counts among his main influences Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, Michael Angelo Batio, Jason Becker, Steve Vai and Randy Roads. Lloyd has been teaching privately since 1990, and has worked with students of all levels. He is also currently endorsed by Guitarheads pickups, Pedal Pad MKS, Lizard Spit, Black Diamond Guitar Strings, Amp Clamp, Morley Pedals most recently, Killer- Q guitar & Instrument Straps, Allen Eden Guitars and PickGuy Picks.

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