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New CNC Saddles for the Original Tremolo System!

14 May 2021
We are pleased to unveil our newly-designed saddles for the German-made Original Tremolo System, the first major design change of the Floyd Rose Original in our 40-year history.  The modern CNC (Computer Numbering Control) machining method replaces the former saddle design allowing for more consistent production tolerances, precise functionality, and a cleaner overall appearance.

Some small changes due to this technique will be visually noticeable and should be noted for easy identification:

• A slightly rounded inner saddle area (due to the CNC production) will require a new modified beveled-edge insert block. The new inserts will also work with older saddle sets and will replace the existing squared-edge aftermarket insert blocks.

• The bottom floor of the saddles will be solid.  The saddles will no longer have a pressed-in brass floor like the previous version as this has been prone to falling out and unnecessary for operation.

All Original Tremolo Systems manufactured beginning in May 2021 will feature the new saddle design, while all replacement parts purchases will begin using these entirely once the current production inventory is out of stock.  Please note that the new beveled string lock insert blocks must be used with all new saddle sets to ensure proper locking of the strings.
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