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New Floyd Rose Tremolo Box Design!

20 Jul 2021
We are proud to show off our new, extra-sturdy box design for the Floyd Rose Tremolo System!  The matte black finish is adorned with a gloss black UV-coated tremolo image on the lid and classic "The Floyd" imprint on the inside.  This new design marries the heritage of the first Floyd Rose boxes in the early 80's with modern sleekness and durability.

Interior soft cell foam keeps the bridge, arm, and hardware box snug and prevents shifting during transit, thus limiting any damage to the bridge or lost screws.  And once you're done installing the tremolo, it makes a great box for your strings, picks, and small tools!

Look out for the new packaging with new Original, Special, and 1000 Series Pro Tremolo systems shipping starting in this month, as well as other models later in the year.
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