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Jeff Elrose

28 May 2016
Floyd Rose 1500 series & Tungsten Sustain Block

Jeffrey Elrose was born and raised in Sayreville, NJ. Interested in a musical career from a very young age, Jeff started playing guitar when he was 12 and later attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA, where he met Bernhard Schnellmann, the founder, singer and guitarist of the Swiss band "Gracchus". Elrose joined the band in 2017, when he would also meet the third member of Gracchus, drummer Allan Murphy. Since then, Jeff has been traveling back and forth between Switzerland and the United States to create and perform music. And since then, his Floyd Rose has always been a loyal and trusted companion.

After releasing their first full-length album, "Murder Party", in October 2019, Gracchus was named "Tomorrow's Heroes" (Helden von morgen) by Germany's Metal Hammer, a success that was followed by an international headlining tour through Germany and the Czech Republic.

The band started into 2020 with the great honor of being chosen as the German Rock Hard's "Recommendation of the Month" (Tipp des Monats) and began to forge out intercontinental touring plans. Though, as we all know, the year took quite a different turn. Separated but not silenced by the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, Gracchus decided to focus on their musical output for the time being and managed to gain international recognition despite the ongoing hardship in the music industry.
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