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Intonating Your Floyd Rose

01 Apr 2017


Note - Before intonating your bridge you must tune your guitar using the tuning instructions listed on the left.

Check the intonation:

Step 1:
Tune all the strings on your guitar to an electronic tuner with all the nut clamps released.

Step 2:
Determine if the intonation of the string you wish to change is sharp or flat by chiming the string directly over the 12th and checking the tuning. Then, carefully press the string down to the 12th fret and check the tuning again with the string fretted. If the fretted note is flat when compared to the chimed note, then the saddle must be moved toward the nut until the chimed note and the fretted note match. If the fretted note is sharp when compared to the chimed note the saddle must be moved away from the nut until the chimed and fretted notes match.

To move the saddle:

Step 1:
Once you have determined which direction (toward or away from the nut) to move the saddle, loosen the string until it is limp.

Step 2:
Loosen the attachment screw holding the saddle to the bridge plate while holding the saddle in place. Move the saddle in the desired direction a small amount (about 1/16in on the first adjustment and your best guess on subsequent adjustments) and re-tighten the screw. [Note: If the saddle will not move forward because it is resting against the attachment screw, you can move the screw to the next hole forward on the bridge plate. This will give you more adjustment range. Also, if you need to move the saddle away from the nut to a position where the attachment screw can no longer clamp the saddle firmly, you can move the screw to the next hole back on the bridge plate.]

Step 3:
Re-tune the string and check the intonation again using the procedure outlined above (check the intonation).

Step 4:
Repeat this cycle until each string is properly intonated.
When you’re finished with the intonation procedure re-tighten the nut clamps. This will not change your intonation setting.

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