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Floyd Rose Marketing COVID-19 Message

19 Mar 2020

To our dear customers, suppliers, and friends,

We are all together amidst the global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.  As we navigate the daily situation, we at AP International are taking the necessary precautions to ensure that we are continuing to operate and service our customers as best we can while keeping our staff and community safe.

Shipments have been slowly resuming from our partners in Asia, but our suppliers in Europe remain uncertain at this time as the outbreak continues to spread.  We will be working from our office as long as we can and continue to monitor the situation.  If there are any changes to our status, we will notify you.

In the meantime, we wish everyone the absolute best in navigating the perils of this unprecedented challenge.  We are all fighting the same battle together.  Our thoughts are with those who are on the front lines of this fight: our doctors, nurses, hospital staff, experts, government officials, and the victims.  Although there is no timeline to adhere to, there WILL be a time when this is all behind us.  Until then, please keep informed and stay healthy.

All the best,
Andrew Papiccio
AP International/Floyd Rose Marketing

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