Tommy Anthony

Santana, Gloria Estefan
Floyd Rose Original

Quote: "The Floyd Rose has guitar great tone, wonderful balance, and won't go out of tune. What more can you want in an axe?"

Born in New york and raised in Miami, music found Tommy at a very early age. "I didn't choose music... it chose me." Completely self taught and without any type of formal lessons or training, Tommy displayed an uncanny talent for learning, and by his early teens played several instruments [drums, guitar, piano and bass]. "It was strange, really... things would seem to come easily, although I was really most competent on drums and guitar." During these early years, he also developed a strong singing voice which eventually led to him fronting every band he ever joined.

By his late twenties, he found himself doing sessions as a guitarist and vocalist. "Even today, half the producers I work with hire me as a singer and the rest call me for guitar work." The studio work led to touring with many artists, among them Steve Winwood, Jon Secada and Gloria Estefan.

"Working with Jon was never work... we spent 8 years touring and having a blast. As for Gloria, the last 5 years with her and The Sound Machine have been an absolute joy. I called her when I got the Santana gig and she flipped... she was so happy for me. That tells you a little something about her."

His recording credits include Shakira, Ricky Martin, Julio Iglesias, Cristian Castro, Mandy Moore, and dozens of other major artists. He even found his way to soundtracks, singing the closing theme on the film, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon."

Now with Santana as a guitarist/backing vocalist it all has come full circle for him. "For years, Carlos' influence has been not-so-subtley present in my approach to guitar and soloing in particular... Now I get to play with the man himself. It's unreal."