Paul Crook

Meat Loaf, Anthrax, Sebastian Bach, Session Musician
Floyd Rose Original

Paul Crook is an internationally acclaimed guitarist and highly sought after songwriter, producer and engineer. Known for his stints as lead guitarist for metal pioneers Anthrax, vocal icon Sebastian Bach and currently performing with the legendary Meat Loaf, Paul has established himself as one of the world’s premier rock and metal guitarists. It is that reputation that has Paul contacted for studio session work with famed producers including Rob Cavallo (Green Day, Dave Matthews Band) and Kevin Shirley (Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin) as well as being personally selected by world renowned Queen guitarist Brian May to perform those classic Queen licks in the Las Vegas version of the smash hit musical “We Will Rock You”. Having toured the world countless times, performing on gold and platinum selling albums as well as major motion picture soundtracks, Paul continues to enjoy what has been a successful two-decades-long career.