Mark McGee

Gregg Allman

By the early age of 11, Mark's love for guitar and dreams of the big time had completely taken over. Driven and determined, his passion for music propelled him through the years gaining him much respect in the music world. His appreciation for all styles of music is key in Mark's continuing search for new ways to develop his talents.

In 2003, Mark and dynamic vocalist Nicole Sutton formed the rock group Luvplanet. Their new cd "State Of Mind", as well as their self-titled debut, showcases their vital songwriting chemistry, signature vocals and Mark's intense guitar work. Together with rhythm section Tommy Sisco and Scott McKenzie, they deliver powerful performances combining rock, pop and psychedelic sounds. Produced by Mark, he feels it's his finest work to date! Luvplanet continues as Mark's main musical endeavor.

In March 2007, after a three year hiatus from playing in Gregg Allman & Friends, Mark was asked back by Mr. Allman to reclaim his spot as Gregg's right hand man on lead & slide guitar. Mark is back in GA&F! From 1995 to 2003 Mark toured throughout the US, Canada and Japan and, to date, appears on two of Gregg's releases. In 2004, Mark completed 9 years as lead & slide guitarist for GA&F but now looks forward to touring once again with the band and leaving his mark in the illustrious history of this southern rock/blues icon.

Since 1995, Mark has been performing live with the Alameda All Stars. It was this connection that led to Mark's audition with Gregg Allman & Friends in 1995. Mark and the All Stars still perform regularly. The band members are guitarist/vocalist Mark McGee, keyboardist/vocalist Tommy Thompson, bassist/vocalist Tom Miller, guitarist/vocalist Mark (Jellyroll) Burgstahler and drummer Preston Thrall.

From 1986 to early 1995, Mark was busy making records and touring the world many times over as lead guitarist for the Bay Area metal band, Vicious Rumors. Mark and VR toured in 20 countries, enjoyed video rotation on MTV's Headbanger's Ball and were nominated for "Outstanding Metal Album" at the 1992 Bay Area Music Awards for their 1991 Atlantic Records release, "Welcome to the Ball".

Mark is now working on his first solo cd, tentatively titled "Gem". The cd highlights his diverse musical palette and includes guest appearances by bassists Tony Franklin (Jimmy Page), Stu Hamm (Steve Vai) and Tommy Sisco (Luvplanet) as well as drummers Scott McKenzie (Luvplanet), Jamie Van De Bogert (Gregg Allman) and Jeff Campitelli (Joe Satriani).

Mark has also been busy with appearances on the Disney soundtrack "Sky High", acclaimed instrumental release "Guitar Farm", "Gimme Moore - A Tribute to Gary Moore" and the "Outbound" cd from bass legend Stu Hamm.