JP Cervoni

The Babys
Floyd Rose Original, Floyd Rose ISOT1

Quote: "When i need to go "wild" with shred-riffs and dive-bombing tricks, and look cool doing it, the Floyd Rose guitar (with the Floyd Rose tremolo) is my axe of choice."

 J.P. grew up in a musical family. At the age of 12, he started his musical career playing keyboards for a top 40 band. At age 15, after seeing an English band playing Led Zeppelin, J.P. switched to the electric guitar and formed his own rock band called TRIM. He taught himself to play the guitar by listening to LPs by his favorite bands like Free, Zeppelin, Hendrix, Cream and the Beatles. At 18, after high school, J.P. went to the Royal Conservatory of Music. where he studied piano. He performed with several rock bands. J.P. went to a Buddy Miles concert in London, Ontario, (Hendrix, Band of Gypsys, Santana) and he went backstage to meet him. Buddy was so impressed with his knowledge of Hendrix songs and the fact that he played the guitar left-handed-backwards (like himself), that he invited J.P. to jam with him the following night. Buddy then asked J.P. to join his band back in Los Angeles, so at 21, J.P. moved to LA. This was the beginning of J.P.’s professional musical career.

From a 3 piece rock group to a full 16 piece latin / funk band and everything in between, J.P. has toured the world, learning first hand many styles of music. He has since played and continues to work with a myriad of talented artists. J.P.’s talent goes beyond guitar playing. He is also an accomplished producer/writer, with many CD productions and songs under his belt. Currently, J.P. is producing the music for a TV show “WOW Beautiful Women of Wrestling” a Dave McLane/Gene Simmons Production. His latest releases include Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin tribute CD's, featuring TOP ARTISTS; he is also writing-producing for different artists as well as performing live with Cecilia Noel & the Wild Clams, an all-star band from Los Angeles.