Jason Krause

Kid Rock, Twisted Brown Trucker
Floyd Rose Original, Stone Tone Blocks

Jason Krause grew up in Mt. Clemens.

You don't need a professional ear to catch the yin and yang at work in TBT. Jason Krause provides the fiery, flashy counterpart to Olson's simmering leads.

See, Krause is TBT's resident metal head. Evidence? He cut his teeth in local bands with names like Aftermass and Black Anthem. He loves his Flying V guitars. Slayer was his favorite band.

And it took a while for rap to make its mark.

"I was never a Kid Rock fan," says Krause, a licensed carpenter who built his own studio. "My little brother listened to him. I was like, 'What are you listening to this crap for?' "

But when DJ Kracker called in early '97, his interest was piqued. Kid Rock wanted another guitarist for his burgeoning band and was interested in hearing Krause's stuff.

Krause then scored the easiest audition he'd ever enjoyed. He didn't have to play a lick. With a concert date looming two days later, the green light came quickly from Kid Rock: "We've got to get Jason ready for the show."

Kid Rock would later tell Krause, "I just figured somebody with this much equipment and so many guitars must know something."

Krause, now certifiably a Kid Rock fan, laughs. "I'm glad I said yes. You know, you probably don't interview too many carpenters for the paper."