Ira Black

Floyd Rose Original, Stone Tone Block

Quote: "There's a reason why all "The Greats" use The Floyd Rose Tremolo....because it's the best!"

IRA BLACK (born March 23, 1971) is an American heavy metal guitarist and songwriter. Black plays with ATTIKA7, which features an all-star lineup including front man extraordinaire Evan Seinfeld (BIO-HAZARD), Rusty Coones, guitar (SONS of ANARCHY) and Tommy Holt, drums (U.P.O.). Black has played in over 60 bands since the mid 80's and is best known for his work with METAL CHURCH, VICIOUS RUMORS, HEATHEN and LIZZY BORDEN . Black is known musically for his powerful, loud and heavy riffs, speed, Black’s knowledge of written music and as one of metal's best guitar shredders. Black has been a strict vegan for 20 years supporting living beings as an all-encompassing form of his life.

While in LA County jail in 2009, Black garnered national media attention by going on a 10-day hunger strike when he was refused vegan meals. Black is also known for his silver painted mountain lion cat spine attached to his beard and his below-the-waist mane of hair. He was featured on the front cover of ROCKDECTOR’S A to Z THRASH METAL book, banging his head at the Bang Your Head Festival in Germany 2001 showcasing Black’s thrashing metal presence.