Floyd Rose Support

Technical Documents

The installation of a Floyd Rose Tremolo is one of the most difficult modifications to make on a guitar. Anyone attempting this installation should be familiar with precision woodworking tools and equipment and be very confident in their ability to do this job properly. If you have any doubts about your ability to install the Floyd Rose Tremolo in your guitar, do not attempt it. Take your guitar to a qualified luthier or repair technician and have it professionally installed.  Below you can find Schematics and Routing Diagrams for all Floyd Rose Tremolo Systems.

Floyd Rose Nut Chart

For information on how to choose the right nut size for your guitar, CLICK HERE.

Floyd Rose SpeedLoader System

Due to supply chain issues, SpeedLoader Systems are not immediately available, however we are working on remedying the situation.  For those of you that are look for SpeedLoader Instructions, CLICK HERE.

Floyd Rose Tremolo Schematics & Diagrams

Choose your system from the list below, first by number of strings and then by series and model to view the available diagrams.  

Strings: 6 7 8