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String Changing Instructions

The double locking nut feature of Authentic Floyd Rose tremolo systems ensures tuning stability that's unmatched.  Achieving that stability can have a few unintended challenges such as changing strings.  We have outlined a step by step process.

Step 1:
Unlock the three clamps at the nut with the 3mm allen wrench provided with the guitar or bridge.

Step 2:
Set the fine-tuners on the bridge to the middle of their tuning range.

Step 3:
Change one string at a time (starting at either E string) by first loosening the string and unclamping it at the saddle with the 3mm allen wrench.

Step 4:
Cut the ball end off the replacement string with a pair of wire cutters.

Step 5:
Place the freshly cut string end into the center of the saddle and tighten the clamping screw until it is difficult to turn.

Step 6:
Thread the other end of the string under its nut clamp and under the string hold down bar, then to the tuning key and tune the string. [Pull on the string until it is tight around the tuning key and retune.]

Step 7:
Repeat 2 through 5 until all strings are replaced.

Step 8:
Check your tuning on all strings once again.

Step 9:
Re-clamp the three nut clamps.

Step 10:
Check your tuning once again making any adjustments this time with your fine-tuners only.