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Setting Up the Bridge Plate

The proper set-up of the SpeedLoader Tremolo Bridge looks exactly like a properly set-up Original Floyd Rose Tremolo Bridge. By the way, the SpeedLoader Tremolo will retrofit an Original Floyd quite easily.

The first thing you'll want to do is check to see if the top surface of the base plate of the bridge is sitting parallel to the top surface of the guitar.

If the base plate appears to be tilted forward away from the top surface of the guitar or tilted back closer to the top of the guitar, then an adjustment should be made.

1) To level the base plate, first take the spring cover plate off the back of the guitar.

2) Inside the spring cavity you should find a tremolo stop.

3) If this part is missing, stop right here and get one installed by a qualified guitar repairman. Call us at 732-918-7001 for this part. Depending on the guitar you purchased, the tremolo stop may or may not be engaged with the spring block. We will assume it is not engaged and show you how to engage it. Take the 3mm Allen wrench and turn the set screw until the set screw touches the spring block.

4) Now, tighten the springs with the spring claw screws so the spring block is pulled tightly against the set screw.

5) Another way to pull the spring block against the tremolo stop set screw is to add another spring to the spring block and claw. Using this method is preferred because it will be easier to re-float the tremolo after setting up the bridge.

6) Now check the base plate position. If it is not parallel to the face of the guitar body, turn the set screw until the base plate is parallel.

7) After you get the base plate parallel, check your string action. If your strings are too high or to low for you, adjust the action with the two rocker screws, using a 3mm Allen wrench until the action is where you like it.

When you get the base plate parallel with the face of the guitar, the action properly adjusted, and the tremolo stop firmly engaged with the spring block, you are ready to set the fine tuner range or intonate the guitar.