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Removing Strings


Please note: SpeedLoader strings are offered in two scale lengths, 25.5 in. and 24.75 in. If you're not sure what scale length your guitar is, consult the guitar manufacturer or the store where you purchased the guitar.

Make sure you have purchased the correct scale length strings for your guitar. The string scale length appears in the lower left corner of the string package.

1) To replace a string, push down on the back of the saddle of one of the strings.

2) Then, pull back on the sliding latch by placing the first finger of your free hand on the black knob protruding out the back of the saddle. Then place your thumb on the fin sticking up just behind the fine tuner screw and pull the latch back with a pinching action between the thumb and first finger.

3) Once you have pulled back on the sliding latch, release the saddle and allow it to rotate forward.

4) Now remove the bullet from the saddle.

5) I should point out here that if you're replacing a broken string, when you unlatch the pivoting saddle there will be no tension on the string to pull the pivoting saddle forward. You'll have to pivot the saddle forward with your finger.

You can now remove the bullet on the other end of the string from the nut by simply sliding it out the back of the nut.

6) If you try to release a saddle and pull back on the sliding latch and it doesn't budge, release everything and start over making certain that you don't turn the sliding latch sideways. If the sliding latch turns on its shaft, the safety catch portion of the sliding latch will not line up properly with the safety catch portion of the pivoting saddle and will cause binding.

*The safety catch is there to prevent the string from accidentally releasing while playing or changing strings. This all sounds tricky, but it's not. You'll have it down after replacing a couple of strings.