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Saddle Numbering

Q: What do the dots on the bottom of the saddles mean and how do I know what saddle goes where?

A: The saddles on Floyd Rose Tremolo Systems are arched to give a radius of 10" with the preinstalled shim under the center saddles or a radius of 12" without the shim.  The Floyd Rose Original is numbered as follows:


6 String:

#2: E strings

#1: A & B strings

#0: D & G strings


7 string:

Saddle # 2: B & high E strings

#1: E & B strings

#0: A, D, & G strings


As for the Floyd Rose Special, the saddle numbering is generally:


#0: E strings

#2: A & B Strings

#1: D & G Strings


If you're still unsure of how to align your saddles, or if you can't find the markings, one surefire way is to line them up by height to create the radius: short, medium, tall, tall, medium, short.