1000 Series 7-String Pro Tremolo System

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Qty Model Finish Price
FRTPS1000 Chrome $248.02
FRTPS1000S Satin Chrome $277.96
FRTPS2000 Black $260.53
FRTPS2000S Satin Black $290.47
FRTPS3000 Gold $277.96
FRTPS3000S Satin Gold $307.90
FRTPS4000 Nickel $248.02
FRTPS5000 Black Nickel $260.53
FRTPS6000 Antique Silver $269.02
FRTPS7000 Antique Bronze $266.78

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Model #: FRTPS1000 | Made in Korea
Price $248.02

Product Description

The low-profile version of our infamous Original 7-String tremolo, the 1000 Series Pro features the same string spacing as the Floyd Rose Original (.420") whereas the German Pro has a narrower spacing.  Available in a variety of nut sizes that will fit practically any electric guitar, the tremolo kit contains the bridge, locking nut, springs & claw, mounting studs, and all hardware necessary for installation.

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