1000 Series Original Style 7-String Tremolo System

Available in

  Model Finish MSRP
  FRTSS01000 Chrome $255.75
  FRTSS01000S Satin Chrome $304.56
  FRTSS02000 Black $277.06
  FRTSS02000S Satin Black $327.25
  FRTSS03000 Gold $304.56
  FRTSS03000S Satin Gold $354.06
  FRTSS04000 Nickel $255.75
  FRTSS05000 Black Nickel $277.06
  FRTSS06000 Antique Silver $289.44
  FRTSS07000 Antique Bronze $285.31

Model #: FRTSS01000 | Made in Korea
$255.75 MSRP (Starting At)

Product Description

Features the same dimensions and materials as the Floyd Rose Original. The tremolo is made in Korea and only available OEM.

Diagrams & Schematics