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Floyd Rose “3D” Wired Headphones/Earbud Collection

20 Jul 2018

Floyd Rose Marketing and Seca Group LLC are pleased to announce the introduction of our latest collection of our patented Wired 3-D Crystal Stereo Sound with Dual Speaker Drivers/ Dual Sound Coil Technology and frequency divider boards to produce the ultimate ultra luxury 3-D sound experience through over-ear headphones and earbuds. Designed and engineered in Europe and the USA, our teams worked with Floyd Rose himself, to produce the ultimate listening pleasure to the human ear. 

Our innovative earcups each boast a powerful driver for superior bass and midrange, and small high-efficiency driver for high sound frequency which creates a dynamic balance between bass/mid/treble. This technology creates a 3-dimensional stereo sound that has a broader range with perfect highs and lows! The speakers adapt to the music played to offer superior sound never heard before in the music industry.

Features include: Durable Headphone cable, Lightweight Design, Metal Construction, Colorful and Stylish Fabric Finish, Soft Forming Earpads, Fabric Carrying Bag for FR-52.  Available: August 2018


To see more, follow these links:  FR52 Wired 3D Headphones | FR520 Bluetooh 3D Headphones

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