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Swapping Your Floyd Rose

For ease of swapping, the following Floyd Rose Tremolo Systems share the same dimensions and can be swapped with each other without the need for additional routing:

6 String

  • Original
  • Custom Shoppe
  • 1984
  • Special
  • 1000 Series Original
  • Titanium

7 String

  • Original 7
  • Custom Shoppe 7
  • Special 7
  • 1000 Series 7


Licensed Tremolo Systems

There are dozens of "licensed" tremolo systems on the market, each with their own dimensions, specs, and materials.  It should be noted that many of these may require additional modifications to the body cavity to allow for the patented Floyd Rose base plate shape and size.  If you are unsure, please check out the routing diagrams available on the Technical Documents page.