Welcome to the New FloydRose.com

Date: 11.15.2013

Accompanying our highly anticipated upcoming releases is the brand new Floyd Rose website. Far more extensive than our former home on the web, the new page features both classic and recently developed products with a more contemporary aesthetic, while also maintaining a richer archive of our past and present exploits. Featured products will include the long-awaited retro-fitting FRX Tremolo System, our master-crafted guitars (including both the International and previously unlisted Discovery Series), as well as a variety of authentic upgrades, including virtually indestructible, clarity-and-sustain-topping Titanium pieces, with our Tremolo Sustain Blocks at the forefront. On the page’s horizon is a revolutionary build-your-own-bridge system, in which users will be able to make their own unique Floyd tremolo, choosing from a wide array of parts and a variety of materials/finishes.

The benefits of the new website continue with our new and improved Artists page, including individual bios and photos for all of our endorsed players; an incredibly thorough support database, which includes readily available technical documents for virtually any Floyd model; an extremely comprehensive parts page divided into categories for each series; and last but not least, the Divebombers page: a chance for Floyd Rose users to submit photos and videos to the website to be featured as the Divebomber of the week and to be entered in monthly contests, including giveaways of Tremolo Sustain Blocks, a signed Floyd Rose guitar and more.

The website’s arrival is perfectly timed as we enter our 35th year as a company in 2014. Appropriately, the website features an extensive About page, including a more in-depth biography of both Floyd Rose himself as well as the company he created, from its inception to where it stands today. The website will act both as an official, more comprehensive historical archive, as well as a springboard for further innovation as we move forward into the future.

So, kick off your shoes and get comfy!