SpeedLoader Update, June 2014

Date: 06.13.2014

We sincerely apologize for the continued delay of the SpeedLoader strings release: After attempting to bring the SpeedLoader Project to two manufacturers, we've ultimately decided to bring our machines in house and manufacture the strings here in New Jersey. This is not a reflection on either of the manufacturers we were working with, as much as it is our desire to avoid any more delays in getting these strings into the hands of the players who need them. As we're already familiar with the machines, it will be much easier for us to get the project up to speed and have the strings ready for release within a more reasonable time frame. Some of the machines (pictured to the right) have already arrived, and Floyd himself will be calibrating them and overseeing the initial batches. Once the machines are running under our roof, we don't foresee any more delays to a re-release in August.

Thank you all for your continuing patience while we do everything in our power to get these strings back out there, ASAP!