Floyd Rose Upgrades

For the player truly attentive to quality and tone, even a piece of hardware as unmatched as the Floyd Rose tremolo can be upgraded. From the warm qualities of Brass, to the flawless sustain of Titanium, to the incredible mass of Tungsten, the pieces you’ll find below are made from materials designed to perfect the sound you’re looking for. Don’t be fooled by imitators—your genuine Floyd Rose tremolo system warrants genuine Floyd Rose upgrades; we have what you need to hot rod your system.  

You can now order your authentic upgrades online.  Due to overwhelming demand, many of the Titanium upgrades are backordered.  If you are looking to purchase any of the items not currently for sale, email us at info@floydrose.com to be placed on the waiting list.

Remember: these are the only authentic Floyd Rose upgrades on the market, and they are designed specifically for authentic Floyd Rose Tremolo Systems. If you have a licensed tremolo system, there's no guarantee that these upgrades will function properly with your bridge. The ONLY upgrades designed to function with bridges other than authentic Floyd Rose systems are the Ibanez/Gotoh Stone Tone Blocks, and the Hollow Point Intonation System.