FRX Tremolo System

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FRTX01000 Chrome $259.99
FRTX01000S Satin Chrome $323.99
FRTX02000 Black $289.99
FRTX02000S Satin Black $354.99
FRTX03000 Gold $323.99
FRTX03000S Satin Gold $388.99
FRTX04000 Nickel $259.99
FRTX05000 Black Nickel $290.99
FRTX06000 Antique Silver $307.99
FRTX07000 Antique Bronze $301.99

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Model #: FRTX01000 | Made in Korea
Price $259.99

Product Description

Floyd Rose continues its legacy of innovation with the brand new surface-mounting FRX Tremolo System for Les Paul, SG, and Flying V-style guitars. The FRX is a direct swap for the Tune-O-Matic and stopbar type bridge system, using the existing mounting stud holes and requiring no routing whatsoever. The locking nut mounts behind your guitar's existing nut, in place of the truss rod cover.

The FRX locking nut has mounting holes on the left and right; only two wood screws have to be installed to mount the nut.

Watch Floyd himself guide you through the installation and set-up variations of this brand new tremolo system.

*NOTE: On some Les Pauls, particularly LP Customs, the neck angle is not sufficient to allow the FRX to work without slight modification to the body.  The receiving portion of the spring tension transfer rod on the base plate extends slightly below the bridge and may rest on the body unless a tiny channel is routed.

Please check the bridge measurements before purchasing or attempting installation.  Some TOM-style bridges have slight dimensional differences.

U.S. Pat. 8,946,529 B2

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