Original Saddles (Set of 7)

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Qty Model Finish Price
FR7BSSBNP Black Nickel $95.42
FR7BSSBP Black $94.39
FR7BSSCP Chrome $89.72
FR7BSSGP Gold $101.57
FR7BSSSBP Satin Black $95.42
FR7BSSSCP Satin Chrome $89.72
FR7BSSSPP Satin Pearl $89.72
FR7BSSVCP Vintage Copper $95.42

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Model #: FR7BSSBNP
Price $95.42

Product Description

Genuine replacement bridge saddles for Floyd Rose Original 7-String Tremolo Systems. Made in Germany. *Please note that although the photo shows 6 saddles, this item is a package of 7*

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