Speedloader Strings - 25.5" Long Scale

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  Model Size MSRP
  SLS1008LGPK .008-038 $17.99
  SLS1009LGPK .009-042 $17.99
  SLS1009LHLGPK .009-046 $17.99
  SLS1010LGPK .010-046 $17.99
  SLS1010LHLGPK .010-052 $17.99
  SLS1011LGPK .011-052 $17.99
  SLS1012LGPK .012-054 $17.99
  SLS1013LGPK .013-056 $17.99

Model #: SLS1008LGPK
$17.99 MSRP (Starting At)

Product Description

Authentic Floyd Rose strings for Speedloader Tremolo System. 25.5 inch scale.

In the interest of keeping everyone as up to date as possible on the progress of newly manufactured SpeedLoader strings as it unfolds here at Floyd Rose, we have an update:

As the strings are being produced by a brand new manufacturer, we are taking every precaution to ensure that they have the same quality—the last thing we want to do, after all this time, is jump the gun and ship out lower quality or defective strings. The most recent test batch produced was brought to NAMM 2014 for Floyd’s personal inspection—and unfortunately did not pass, as their tolerances were not in spec.

SpeedLoader strings are arguably some of the most precisely made strings ever produced, and quality control is now the primary obstacle to the their release; once a pack of strings gets Floyd’s final approval, you will see SpeedLoader strings ship 30-45 days later. We apologize for and fully understand everyone’s frustration, and thank you for your continued patience.