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Floyd Rose and AP International Today

As of 2005, distribution of the Floyd Rose Original has reverted to Floyd Rose, while the patented designs are still licensed to other manufacturers for use. To this day, Floyd Rose still contends with the popularity of Floyd’s system juxtaposed with the multitude of imitations, licensed or otherwise, always working to ensure that the name is always associated quality and consistency. The Floyd Rose brand exists now as a division of AP International, under the direction of Andrew Papiccio, former Vice President of Kramer guitars.

AP has been dealing with the manufacture, distribution, sales and marketing of musical instruments and accessories on a global scale for over 30 years. In addition to Floyd Rose, AP is also the distributor ProRock Gear, a diverse source of stylish and durable instrument cases, stands, and other accessories; Brubaker Instruments, manufacturer of the Brute, an extremely unique series of custom electric basses, made from top quality materials and growing rapidly in popularity; Schaller, a company over 60 years old, a pioneer in guitar hardware manufacturing and innovation with a rich history of patents and “world’s firsts”; and KTS America, another greatly admired guitar and bass hardware manufacturer, known for titanium pieces that are vastly stronger than traditional stock hardware.