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Continuing Innovation

In addition to the locking tremolo system, named by Guitar World one of the “10 Most Earth Shaking Guitar Innovations,” one of Floyd’s more recent innovations is the SpeedLoader, a modified tremolo system which allows users to change strings faster than players with standard guitar bridges; professionals can change all six in under a minute. The system’s custom, double-bulleted strings are utterly exact in length, manufactured at decimals up to two-thousandths of an inch so that they’re less than a half-turn of the fine-tuners away from perfect pitch on installation. This painstakingly developed system’s genesis began in 1991 and was not made public until the January NAMM show in 2003—just one example of Floyd’s inexhaustible efforts towards continuing innovation. The SpeedLoader Tremolo System is not currently in production but we have plans to bring it back in the coming months.

Even more recently developed is the Floyd Rose FRX Tremolo: a surface mounted bridge that requires no routing or modifications whatsoever on any carved-top guitar with a hard-tail/stop-tail bridge, making for an extremely easy switch on models such as the Les Paul, SG, and Flying V—a complete retro fit, the bridge can be very simply secured into the previous bridge’s location with no excess drilling. Even more convenient is the locking nut, which is designed to be placed just above the existing nut, rather than to replace it; it doubles as a truss rod cover and can be very easily secured in place of the old cover. Slightly angled clamps ensure that this system, parted from the nut itself for the first time, still allows no string slippage whatsoever. As it does not necessitate any real manipulation of the instrument, this system is ideal for anyone uncomfortable with physically modifying their guitar, while still retaining the strength and reliability associated with Floyd Rose hardware.